Windows 2016 Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity

When connecting using RDP to a Windows 2016 server, you may receive an error message which seems clueless to you: Windows 2016 Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference between your computer and the remote computer. When you manage […]

WSUSOffline Office 64-bit support

WSUSOffline Office 64-bit support is native but is not activated by default nor it is activable using the graphical interface. WSUSOffline is a tool that allow you tu update OS and Office products by using a share or an ISO image, for those who have to live in a world […]

Changing the System Regional settings after installation using the command-line

Usually you set up the regional settings at installation time by using localized OS Version or unattended.xml. However sometimes you discover after installation that some script from your customer run under the system context needs different settings. In this case changing the system regional settings after installation using the command-line […]

Windows Server OS unattended installation before DevOps

With Azure and  the Container hype, Microsoft is pushing developers and system administrators to automate everything. The graphical Windows platform has become easy to automate with Powershell and the latest versions of the OS. But, already faced with huge server pools decades ago, some of us already had automation workarounds […]

Filtering group membership 2

When you’re establishing a relying party trust with a provider filtering group membership you send through your AD FS Farm is often a prerequisite, either for performance issues -so that the token is not too big- or for security reasons as you do not want your provider to know your […]

Updates included in KB 3125574 2

AS you may be aware, MIcrosoft never published a SP2 for WIndows 2008R2 and WIndows 7. There was the enterprise rollup and now there is a convenience rollup. The enterprise rollup had 90+ hotfixes, whereas the convenience rollup is replacing 120+ updates, so even the marketing guys at Microsoft don’t […]

you must use the appropriate ESCAPE_xxx macro

Under some circumstances, your SQL Server Agent job mail fails with the following error message: “Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: The job step contains tokens. For SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 or later, you must use the appropriate ESCAPE_xxx macro to update job steps containing tokens […]

Python 3.6 and Visual Studio 2017 47

As a new version of Visual Studio comes out, there are often fixes to put in your build chain tools so packages with external  C/C++ compilation requirements still work. For Python 3.6 and Visual Studio 2017 to work together, a good reference start point is the Windows compilers compatibility list […]

domain controller firewall ports 5

Often sought on the Internet, rarely complete, here is for a domain controller firewall ports to open so your Windows domain-controller is able to contact the other domain controllers it is depending on for proper replication UDP/123 for time synchronization, as in a domain by default the W32Time of a […]

Domain Controller firewall ports

WSUS configuration on Windows Server 2016 4

After having performed the WSUS Installation on Windows Server 2016, let’s continue with the WSUS Configuration on Windows Server 2016 screenshots. WSUS Wizard : Store updates screen You may notice that this information has already been asked in a similar fashion while performing the WSUS Installation on Windows Server 2016. […]