ADFS Event 168

Sometimes you may get for your ADFS Event 168. This is linked to a little gem in the AD FS Management console: you havbe the ability to define for each relying party a metadata URL you can monitor for changes including the URL and the certificates. In the example below […]

Domain Join Error 0x6ba

While joining machine to a domain, multiple errors can occur. In particular Domain Join Error 0x6ba is often present but with different causes. Let’s recap the needed things to properly join the domain: The machine must be able to solve the domain name The machine must be able to retrieve […]

Exchange S/MIME Template

WHen you want to implement mail signing and/or encryption wit the Outlook/Exchange products, you are faced to different choices. One involves to know which Exchange S/MIME template you should choose among all Certificate templates. First of all, please remember that S/MIME may help to achieve the following goals: message authentication: […]

Outlook Help Sign A Message

NtpClient Error 0x800706E1

When W32Time starts to output warning  in your system logs you may often get the following message for NtpClient Error 0x800706E1: “NtpClient was unable to set a domain peer to use as a time source because of discovery error. NtpClient will try again in 3473457 minutes and double the reattempt […]

Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user ‘domain\user’, error code 0x5

When getting this error message Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user ‘domainname\username’, error code 0x5 in SQL Server you may be wondering what’s happening. This error message can happen in numerous occasions and while executing different T-SQL Statements, such as xp_logininfo

Or while executing sp_xp_cmdshell_proxy_account while you […]

sharepoint users and default groups

Sharepoint group copy users

In Sharepoint sometimes users have difficulties to grasp the permissions system. You may have to change users membership quite a few times because ‘user X must have the same rights as User Y’. If you have more thtan a couple of users, it can become quickly  very boring. The following […]

FSMO role reference

As explained in corresponding KB, and as supposedly known by WIndows Active Directory administrators, here’s a quick guide, a FSMO role reference. Multi-Master Model vs. Single-Master Model ACtive DIrectory is a multi-master model,  which means changes are supposed to occur at any DC in the enterprise. However, it is not […]

IPAM SQL Server Enterprise eroor message

IPAM Server needs SQL Server Enterprise Edition

Although this is marked nowhere in the installation documentation, but only in one blog post about moving IPAM database between servers or instances, please be careful when designing your IPAM solution. As of today, in Windows 2012R2, your database for an IPAM server can only be: Windows Internal Database (Windows […]

Regional Independent date time batch job

Got pissed off because your batch file has to know the current date and time and depending on the user or machine logged on you don’t get the same result? Let’s use today snippet: regional independent date time batch job. In the past, you used: date /t time /t But […]

date time windows panel

DHCP Unauthorize: There is no such object on the server

In this blog post, let’s see what you should do if you get during DHCP Unauthorize: There is no such object on the server error message, DHCP Authorize / Unauthorize As you probably know, a DHCP Server must be authorized in an Active Directory to start delivering addresses. This is […]