Information storage: the economist’s classification

In his blog, Paul Romer mentions a book ‘Why information grows’ and take some time to review how differently the physicist and the economist may think about that resource called information and its storage. In his demonstration, codified information (i.e. information that can be stored using hardware devices) does not […]

Building Ivory Towers: Parallels in IT and Architecture

Building architectures in IT often refers to the traditional architecture for their concepts, and indeed IT architecture has often the same issues as its sister discipline: Some architects have never built or even repaired houses; in IT, you have architects who were never developers on existing projects, just new technology […]

21st Century Hi Tech companies, 19th century tycoons

During the recent violent taxi drivers’ protests in Paris, a journalist for the  french newspaper Liberation outlined some interesting facts about the Uber company’s business model: As with  many world-wide companies, they try to reduce their tax rate to the minimum by using accounting “creativity” The model is built from […]