Powershell Engine

Find the RDS Licensing servers in your domain 8

During good old Windows 2003 times, the Terminal Licensing Servers were published in the Active Directory using the Sites object and the entry TS-Enterprise-License-Server as explained here. Under WIndows 2008R2, the RDS Licensing role service registers a service connection point; however few documents tells you where to find this SCP […]

Simple netcat-like TCP Server or client

Need to have a process listening on some port to test your firewall rules? Instead of using a netcat or ncat, here’s a very simple Powershell implementation of this ncat/netcat feature:

If you need a TCP Client, the code is very straightforward:


Powershell Function Header

The Powershell ISE may not be your favorite editor because of its limitations (long to start, has issues with high-consuming parallel workflows). However its snippets you can insert with the CTRL+J shortcut may be worthwhile to have a look at. One is particularly interesting: the powershell function header template. The […]

Efficient Use of Powershell across Domain Controllers: LastLogon Part 3

After our simplistic approach in the 1st part and our discoveries about optimization in part 2, it is time to gather our learnings to lower the total time our script will run: We know that hashtables can be initialized with the number of elements they will approximately contain to avoid […]

Efficient Use of Powershell across Domain Controllers: LastLogon Part 2

Our previous script was simple but not quick. Our second attempt will try to reduce the time it takes to gather all the pieces. First of all we may imagine that our use of the hashtable in Powershell may be inefficient as we start from 0 object and are continuously […]