IIS default role services on Windows 2012 R2


This post is aimed at listing what are the default IIS default role services so when a consultant tells you (s)he wants IIS installed but is unable to specify which role services, you can easily document the role services by copy pasting the following screenshots:

As you can see on the different screens, the following IIS default role services on Windows 2012 R2 are:

  • Common HTTP features
    • Default document
    • Directory Browsing
    • HTTP Errors
    • Static Content
  • Health and Diagnostics
    • HTTP Logging
  • Performance
    • Static Content Compression
  • Security
    • Request Filtering
  • Management Tools
    • IIS Console

Please note that you can always get the list of installed role services by using the Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet under Powershell. To get everything under the IIS role, you must use Web and not IIS as as keyword

<pre class="lang:ps decode:true" title="Get-WindowsFeature for IIS default role services">PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-WindowsFeature  |  ? {$_.Name -like 'Web*' } | Select DisplayName, Name

DisplayName                                   Name
-----------                                   ----
Web Application Proxy                         Web-Application-Proxy
Web Server (IIS)                              Web-Server
Web Server                                    Web-WebServer
Common HTTP Features                          Web-Common-Http
Default Document                              Web-Default-Doc
Directory Browsing                            Web-Dir-Browsing
HTTP Errors                                   Web-Http-Errors
Static Content                                Web-Static-Content
HTTP Redirection                              Web-Http-Redirect
WebDAV Publishing                             Web-DAV-Publishing
Health and Diagnostics                        Web-Health
HTTP Logging                                  Web-Http-Logging
Custom Logging                                Web-Custom-Logging
Logging Tools                                 Web-Log-Libraries
ODBC Logging                                  Web-ODBC-Logging
Request Monitor                               Web-Request-Monitor
Tracing                                       Web-Http-Tracing
Performance                                   Web-Performance
Static Content Compression                    Web-Stat-Compression
Dynamic Content Compression                   Web-Dyn-Compression
Security                                      Web-Security
Request Filtering                             Web-Filtering
Basic Authentication                          Web-Basic-Auth
Centralized SSL Certificate Support           Web-CertProvider
Client Certificate Mapping Authentication     Web-Client-Auth
Digest Authentication                         Web-Digest-Auth
IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication Web-Cert-Auth
IP and Domain Restrictions                    Web-IP-Security
URL Authorization                             Web-Url-Auth
Windows Authentication                        Web-Windows-Auth
Application Development                       Web-App-Dev
.NET Extensibility 3.5                        Web-Net-Ext
.NET Extensibility 4.5                        Web-Net-Ext45
Application Initialization                    Web-AppInit
ASP                                           Web-ASP
ASP.NET 3.5                                   Web-Asp-Net
ASP.NET 4.5                                   Web-Asp-Net45
CGI                                           Web-CGI
ISAPI Extensions                              Web-ISAPI-Ext
ISAPI Filters                                 Web-ISAPI-Filter
Server Side Includes                          Web-Includes
WebSocket Protocol                            Web-WebSockets
FTP Server                                    Web-Ftp-Server
FTP Service                                   Web-Ftp-Service
FTP Extensibility                             Web-Ftp-Ext
Management Tools                              Web-Mgmt-Tools
IIS Management Console                        Web-Mgmt-Console
IIS 6 Management Compatibility                Web-Mgmt-Compat
IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility                  Web-Metabase
IIS 6 Management Console                      Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console
IIS 6 Scripting Tools                         Web-Lgcy-Scripting
IIS 6 WMI Compatibility                       Web-WMI
IIS Management Scripts and Tools              Web-Scripting-Tools
Management Service                            Web-Mgmt-Service
IIS Hostable Web Core                         Web-WHC

Once the various IIS default role services are installed, you can refer to the IIS.net configuration reference for the XML supported keywords.