Yearly Archives: 2015

Information storage: the economist’s classification

In his blog, Paul Romer mentions a book ‘Why information grows’ and take some time to review how differently the physicist and the economist may think about that resource called information and its storage. In his demonstration, codified information (i.e. information that can be stored using hardware devices) does not […]

ADFS 3.0 in Windows 2012 R2: Self Signed Certificate 1

A recent lab build showed me that in spite Microsoft’s evangelism for Powershell scripting, every product is not yet aligned and also made me discover a nice Powershell Module about PKI management. The initial goal of my lab was to test the Active Directory Federation Services role from the Windows […]

Powershell Function Header

The Powershell ISE may not be your favorite editor because of its limitations (long to start, has issues with high-consuming parallel workflows). However its snippets you can insert with the CTRL+J shortcut may be worthwhile to have a look at. One is particularly interesting: the powershell function header template. The […]

Building Ivory Towers: Parallels in IT and Architecture

Building architectures in IT often refers to the traditional architecture for their concepts, and indeed IT architecture has often the same issues as its sister discipline: Some architects have never built or even repaired houses; in IT, you have architects who were never developers on existing projects, just new technology […]

21st Century Hi Tech companies, 19th century tycoons

During the recent violent taxi drivers’ protests in Paris, a journalist for the  french newspaper Liberation outlined some interesting facts about the Uber company’s business model: As with  many world-wide companies, they try to reduce their tax rate to the minimum by using accounting “creativity” The model is built from […]

Efficient Use of Powershell across Domain Controllers: LastLogon Part 3

After our simplistic approach in the 1st part and our discoveries about optimization in part 2, it is time to gather our learnings to lower the total time our script will run: We know that hashtables can be initialized with the number of elements they will approximately contain to avoid […]

Reading Review: Masterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages

Although a bit ancient (2009), I had the opportunity to get an used copy of “Masterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages” (ISBN 978-0596515171). This is a set of interviews with people who designed and/or implemented languages in a broad sense: programming language but also UML, […]

Efficient Use of Powershell across Domain Controllers: LastLogon Part 2

Our previous script was simple but not quick. Our second attempt will try to reduce the time it takes to gather all the pieces. First of all we may imagine that our use of the hashtable in Powershell may be inefficient as we start from 0 object and are continuously […]