Find the RDS Licensing servers in your domain 8

During good old Windows 2003 times, the Terminal Licensing Servers were published in the Active Directory using the Sites object and the entry TS-Enterprise-License-Server as explained here.

Under WIndows 2008R2, the RDS Licensing role service registers a service connection point; however few documents tells you where to find this SCP in your AD: it is a CN called ‘TermServLicensing’ under the CN of the computer account. For example, if your server rdslic.mydomain.local is located in a top-level OU called ‘Servers’, the object will be called:

To find out all registered SCP, you can issue one of the following commands:



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8 thoughts on “Find the RDS Licensing servers in your domain

  • David

    Thanks a lot, that is what I was looking for.
    Sadly, It seems that the value is +/- trustworthy.
    I had a return of 8 servers, but only 3 were accessible via RD Licensing Manager.
    Also when looking locally, the 5 others were configure to use one of the 3 servers and didn’t event had the RD Licensing Manager console installed.

    • Dimitri

      If the object is in the Active Directory, it means that at some point in time the RD Licensing role service was installed, even it may have been partially removed afterwards.
      Unfortunately, I’ve seen many servers where people install all Remote Desktop role services just because they are unsure which pieces are needed.
      In addition the console is just a convenience for us admins. The management could have been done from another server or from a client with the RSAT tools.

  • Marco Freund

    HI there,

    thanks for the info. Do you know if theres a chance to get all RDS Server which use a specific RDS Licensing server? As far as I know I can’t see on the licensing server which server the license was issued to, just the user

      • Sandy

        HI Dimitri,
        I have tried below steps to get “Do you know if theres a chance to get all RDS Server which use a specific RDS Licensing server?”. No luck..!! can you please guide me from here?

        You may want to look at 2 WMI classes:win32_TsIssuedLicense and Win32_TsLicenseReport
        On a RDS Licensing server, you can also import the RemoteDesktopServices modules and look at the RDS:\ PS Drive with a cd RDS:\LicenseServer\IssuedLicenses

    • Dimitri Post author

      One of the options would be to look for the set of WMI Classes or look at registry entries such as “TSUserEnabled” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server.