Windows DNS Server graphical troubleshooting tools 2

This post is somehow a sequel to the DNS on Windows for Unix (and other) guys.

Using the DNS Management Console, you already have a set of  useful tabs for troubleshooting purposes:

  • Monitoring also you to perform simple test queries:


  • Debug Logging is more interesting as it works as a dedicated network packet capture tool:
    • Please note that there’s no browse button to fill in the ‘File Path and name’ so you have to type the path (I choose to put that into C:\Windows\temp but you can put it elsewhere as long as the DNS Server service can write to that location)


    • You then obtain data like this excerp:

      As you can see the header is full of information, from the time the log was taken/wrapped (these are local times to the server) to a complete reminder of the various fields you may encounter.


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2 thoughts on “Windows DNS Server graphical troubleshooting tools

    • Dimitri Post author

      Not to my knowledge, but a powershell Import-CSV with Header, Delimiter options piped to a Select Object with Skip may do the trick quickly