Monthly Archives: May 2015

Automated maintenance for SQL Server Express

One of the drawbacks of using Express Editions of SQL Server is the lack of working SQL Agent Jobs. In particular when you are using Ola Hallengren’s excellent maintenance solution for backups and other maintenance tasks. His FAQ just suggests that you use sqlcmd to execute the stored procedures, but […]

Moving Active Directory database related files to another location

Here’s your problem for the day: your active directory files are on the system drive, perhaps because you inherited some Active Directory domain controllers, perhaps because a junior Windows system administrator did the DCPromo… You’re a professional Windows system administrator and you want to have them located elsewhere, say D: […]

Jobs in Powershell

This post serves more as a reference that an introduction to Powershell Jobs. Cmdlets are: Get-Job, Receive-Job, Remove-Job, Resume-Job, Start-Job, Stop-Job , Suspend-Job and Wait-Job but other commands have -AsJob parameters (Get-WMIObject, Invoke-Command, CDXML snippets) Help can be found in the following topics: about_Jobs about_Job_Details about_Remote_Jobs about_Scheduled_Jobs about_Scheduled_Jobs_Advanced about_Scheduled_Jobs_Basics about_Scheduled_Jobs_Troubleshooting Suspend-Job and Resume-Job […]