Monthly Archives: January 2015

Quickly apply a XSLT Transform to a XML file

Continuing the series of Powershell snippets, here’s how to apply a xslt file to a xml file:


How to have a member server stick to one specific domain controller?

In case of troubleshooting or temporary issue, you may want to be sure that a given member server always authenticate against one specific domain controller. For this, you may want to combine two tools: The “time-to-live” (TTL) value for the validity of the discovered domain controller The ability to specifically […]

ASCII Table in Powershell (or how get around keyboard layout mapping issues)

Imagine you have to connect to a Citrix server using the java client and the keyboqrd layout of the machine you’re using is not properly sert up there? Imagine that the CItrix administrator doesn’t have the character map tool enabled. Just use this snippet of powerhell to get a nice […]