Microservices architecture best and worst practices   Recently updated !

Regularly, the IT world discovers the alpha and omega patterns that should solve all the software or hardware problems. Recently, Microservices has been a trend and of course it is time to list the microservices architecture best and worst practices. In a youtube video “Avoiding Microservice megadisasters”, Jimmy Bogard outlines […]

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Storing sp_configure settings in a stored procedure

All SQL Server DBAS are familiar with sp_configure to change the instance global settings. However when you need to modify temporarily those settings from within your code, such as storing sp_configure settings in a stored procedure, the process can become awkward You need to store the configuration setting you change […]

Trial period reset of Visual Studio Community Edition

Although Visual Studio Community Edition is supposed to be free, you are required after 30 days by the graphical interface to have an account on Microsoft’s online services to continue to use the product. The trial period reset of Visual Studio Community Edition can however be easily achieved by editing […]

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‘MEDIALAYOUT’ in SQL Server ConfigurationFile.Ini

While trying to install new instance of SQL Server using command line and the ConfigurationFile.ini unattended answer file, you may receive the following error message : MEDIALAYOUT in SQL Server ConfigurationFile.Ini Don’t waste your time searching in different documentations about the allowed keywords for the configuration file. This error means […]

Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with

When receiving this error message: ” Error : Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with (Error getting instance ID from name.). Please uninstall then re-run setup to correct this problem, it is likely you are trying to start SQL Server as a regular binary or as […]

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Free Disk space on Windows drive

Starting with Windows 2012 (R2), it is no longer necessary to install the desktop experience to remove the different file versions left update after update. The following command can be used:

Options used here are: StartComponentCleanup: removes superseded and unused system files from a system ResetBase: all superseded versions […]

Architecture for the cloud vs. on-premises

The “Architecture for the cloud vs. on-premises” theme has been too often polluted by sales, marketing and guts-opinions sometimes based on IT urban legends. In this post, we’ll try to take a picture of the landscape and see how the work habits should change… or remain the same. The Netflix […]

Visual C++ Build Tools silent installation 2

With the release of Visual Studio 2017, the creation of offline distribution files in order to achieve the Visual C++ build tools silent installation has become easier than in previous versions. The key parameter is the –layout switch which allows to specify where you want to store the offline files. […]

Start Stop service rights to non administrators

LIke any other object in the Windows world, services are objects, you can therefore give users rights on them. Let’s see for example how to allow start stop service rights to non-administrators. In order to change the permissions to a service, you’ll need an account who has rights to change […]

Powershell criticism: Part 2

In a previous post, we looked at some powershell oddities when it comes to Credential use. In this “Powershell criticism: part 2”, let’s look at some language construction irritating way to express things shortly, when doing nested enumeration. As a language used by system administrators, you’ll use Powershell in two […]